Choice Character Scholarship Opportunity

Contest Details
What’s truly unique about this contest is that it includes teachers, parents and students.  This is a beautiful opportunity for parents to share the joy of watching their child demonstrate compassion (for example), or a teacher to gush about a student who has forever left an imprint on them when they demonstrated such incredible courage to stand up for their beliefs and speak the truth.
And lastly, each student will have the chance to tell their own story of how Character Choices has impacted their life this school year.  They can do this through words, visually with artwork, or by creating a video.  We will be selecting 4 winners from all K-8 Academies and 5 from Bradford and WMAES due to their grade range.  All entries will receive a certificate, the winners will receive a framed certificate and t-shirt and will be automatically entered into the Choice Scholarship Contest to which a panel of judges will select one $1,000 Scholarship Recipient.
All entry forms are due back by May 1, 2015.