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A Busy February at Bradford Academy

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Every month is busier than the last as we approach the end of the 2022-2023 school year at Bradford Academy. That being said, February has been a month full of amazing happenings, awards and recognitions in our school community that we want to celebrate. 


Teacher Recognition
We would like to give a shout out to our third grade teacher, Pamela Tinsley, for being recognized as Meemic Teacher of the Month. Meemic is an insurance company that specializes in serving teachers and educators and we are proud of her hard work and dedication to her students. Her hard work has shown across her years at Bradford Academy, and we are thrilled to recognize our incredible staff.


Oakland Schools Above and Beyond Award
Oakland Schools Department of Special Populations recognizes staff members in the county for their professionalism and dedication to students with disabilities. This month, our speech pathologist Terri Stefanou was awarded with the 2023 Above and Beyond award. Her dedication to our students has always set the bar high, and her ability to reach her students doesn’t go unnoticed.

Bradford Academy Above and Beyond Award Recognition Decorative Web Graphic


Elementary Achievements
Principal Farmer recently held two elementary school award ceremonies this month. Mr. Farmer celebrated elementary students for their academic and behavioral achievements, and awarded those of our youngest students who have been finishing this school year strong.


Black History Month
We are also proud to share that we have celebrated Black History Month with creative ways for our students to reflect on African-American history. Our high schoolers spent morning announcements reciting and creating poetry about black history, and our K-8th students answered trivia about black history. Those who shared their work, or answered correctly were honored and announced in the afternoons.

PTA is back!
We have re-instituted our Parent Teacher Association (PTA). We built this organization focused on increasing our unique experiences our families share. As a volunteer organization, we rely on our network of families to bridge the gap between our parents, staff and the community we serve.



We are thrilled to continue sharing the good news coming from our school, and are as excited as our students to celebrate another graduating class this year. Keep an eye on our social media to see what else is going on at Bradford Academy, and stay up-to-date with our blog for more news like this.

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