Happy Principal Appreciation Month!

Jes Eldridge is one amazing Head of School and we are grateful for her commitment and service to our school community. She has been a part of the staff since Battle Creek Montessori Academy opened its doors in 2013. Her original role was as a lead teacher, but she stepped into the Head of School role in the fall of 2015. She has obtained different degrees throughout her career. She attended Kellogg Community College for her associate degree, Central Michigan University and Miller College for her bachelor’s degree and the American College of Education for her master’s degree.

The amount of expertise she brings to the school and her plethora of experience makes her versatile in her work. She is passionate and desires all of her students to thrive in a safe, tight-knit community where academic excellence is at the forefront every day. 

In Ms. Jes’ time spent outside of the school, she can be found with her family, husband and two kids. She also loves the beach, taking walks and spending time with her dog, Biscuit.