Inspired by Education since she was a child: Lisa Key

“Every child deserves the opportunity to thrive,” Lisa Key, superintendent of Bradford Academy said.

Key has been inspired by education ever since she was a child.

“My father was the first African American valedictorian in the Ohio State Public School system, Key said. “He reminded us that no matter what obstacle got in our way, we could persist through if we had the support and love from others.”

“We all need to have people in our life reminding us of who we are and pressing through. He was a true example of working hard through the difficult times and instilled in me the value of education and how that can open doors that I didn’t even know about.”

Key leads from the heart. “Education is a partnership and I am here to help not only students thrive but every person who is involved.”

Key’s primary responsibility lies with the supervision of the principals and the board, but she knows that everyone plays a part.

“From the custodial staff to the principals and everyone in between, we all have a role ensuring that students succeed and that we are saving lives,” Key said. “It is our responsibility to be a high-reliability organization that educates and creates opportunities for success.”

Bradford is a school that puts the needs of families first and ensures that parents are sending their children to a school that not only is meeting basic needs but also takes into consideration the development of the whole child.

“Schools need to provide a safety net while engaging and empowering students so that they are able to thrive to the best of their ability,” Key said. “I am proud that Bradford is and will continue to do this. We are #BradfordStrong!”

Key’s education and training as a clinical social worker, educator and educational leader is a perfect fit for Bradford Academy. Key currently serves as the superintendent of two other Choice schools, including Dove Academy and Macomb Montessori Academy. Key’s focus is on student success and works tirelessly for every single student and family. Her passion and dedication to the students and staff enable each of them to thrive in their schools and communities.