3rd Graders in line for lunch

Bradford’s First Week at a Glance

Here at Bradford we are excited to bounce back from what was possibly the most difficult year to be a student, 2020. Between the online classes and inevitable stresses that come with the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve spent the summer preparing as best we can for our families and students.

With that preparation, we set our sights on being as ready as possible to go back to normal, starting with an amazing first day on Sept. 7th. We planned to hit the ground running, showing that the pandemic was only a hurdle for our Bradford Bulldogs. Their resilience, grit and their growth mindset was evident on what was an amazing turn-out.

Class of 2022 Bradford 3rd Graders in line for lunch 1st Grader drawing in class

We strive to follow what was an awesome first week with a successful and prosperous school year, and will continue to stay true to our mission: to not only teach but to instill the qualities of character, excellence, creativity and service into our students as they become prepared, global leaders.

We will continue to foster discovery, development, leadership and achievement here at Bradford, and look forward to yet another amazing school year. For more information and resources, click the following link: https://www.bradfordacademy.com/parents-students/ and feel free to contact us at our Facebook, or our office number at (248) 351-0000.