Board of Directors

Bradford Academy Board of Directors stands firm for safe, secure schools and makes sure every child receives a first-class education free of disruption, threat, and fear.

The Board is focused on student achievement, parent satisfaction and a safe, secure location for learning.

Bradford Academy operates under the public school academy governance structure in which the Academy is authorized. Bay Mills Community College (BMCC) appoints Bradford Academy Board of Directors. Members are required to be bona fide citizens of Michigan, undergo a criminal record check and comply with conflict of interest guidelines established by law and BMCC.

Meeting Schedule

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Current School Board Members

Theresa Vaughn, President
Mark Baughman, Vice President
Lee Caldwell, Treasurer
Damon Barber, Secretary
Dwayne HarveyDirector

Join Our School Board!

Looking to make a difference in student lives? We are searching for a dedicated, passionate individual to join our School Board of Directors.

If you’re interested in applying for a board position, please send an email to