Parents & Students

Parent involvement is integral to the success of students and the school.

Here’s a glimpse into the parent–teacher–student relationships at Bradford Academy:

  • Parents are always welcome. Principals and teachers make themselves available to discuss parent concerns.
  • Teachers provide frequent updates on academic progress.
  • Parents have online access to their child’s attendance record and grades.
  • The school uses an automated phone system to inform parents about school events and important dates.
  • Family Advocate is on staff to help bridge the parent/ school communication.
  • Parents can get involved and make an impact through the Parent Teacher Association (PTA).
  • Parents have the opportunity to provide us with feedback twice a year through our Parent Survey.

Bradford Academy Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

Bradford_PTA_logoThe Bradford Academy Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is a local PTA unit organized under the authority of the Michigan Congress of Parents, Teachers and Students, (Michigan PTSA) and a branch of the National Parent Teacher Association (National PTA).

Our organization is built on advocating for our children, while promoting the school’s academic curriculum. Our primary focus is to increase our unique educational experiences that enhance academic performance and parental involvement.  As a volunteer lead organization, we are constantly seeking innovative methods of bridging the gap between our parents, faculty and the community we serve.