Students are introduced to basic grammar, language skills and the customs of the Spanish-speaking countries.


Technology is the use of accumulated knowledge to turn resources into goods and services that people need and want.  This year, students in elementary school have the opportunity to explore what this means and how it affects the world around us as well as how it is affected by what you learn and know to be true.


Students learn skills and concepts in a variety of art media. The four major units of instruction in our adopted curriculum include: drawing, painting, 2D design, and 3D design. Resources from around the world provide historical and cultural context for art lessons and a grounding in the elements and principles of design.

Physical Education

The physical education program is designed to develop the mental, emotional, physical and social aspects of living necessary for a happy and productive life. Each student will have the opportunity to participate in sports, learn components of overall fitness and learn life long activities that can be enjoyed now and in the future.