Character Choices

As a parent, it’s important for my child to build character. Children spend the majority of their day at school with their teacher and fellow classmates. That is why I believe it’s important for my child’s school to incorporate character building lessons into their daily routine

At my child’s Academy, character education plays a major role in the curriculum. My child’s teacher uses Common Core approved lessons within their daily activities to foster growth in each child’s character. The Character Choices program, developed by Choice Schools Associates, includes additional resources for the students, educators, and parents to further bring character into our child’s growth. Students and teachers work together to practice each of the monthly traits through writing, reading and their actions. Teachers are able to build Character Choices lessons into their everyday lessons through various activities, books and demonstrations.

Plus, my child’s school sends monthly updates home regarding what Character Choices lessons are being taught, assemblies and recognition ceremonies my child is participating in, and how I (as a parent) can further assist my child in incorporating character education at home. Helping my child to develop their own unique character has never been easier! Each month has a specific character trait that is incorporated throughout the entire month, which gives my child enough time to fully grasp the concept of the trait. There are so many benefits of the Character Choices program; I’m so glad my child attends an academy that believes character is important!

What makes the Character Choices program so unique?

  • Covers nine different traits throughout the school year
  • Helps develop social and academic behaviors
  • Includes academic lessons that correspond with the traits
  • Monthly assemblies and recognition
  • Includes etiquette lessons to prepare kids for social settings now and in the future
  • Includes community service activities each month
  • Promotes parent and community involvement
  • Is adaptable for students of all ages
  • Lessons are aligned to Common Core Standards
  • Character Choices Expression writing contest allows students to apply what they’ve learned  for a chance to win a $1,000 scholarship
  • Includes trainings on becoming tech-smart kids on social media
  • Extension activities are included for families to get involved in their child’s learning
  • And MUCH MORE!

What are the monthly traits?

Young students line up at the starting line at the track on campus.


young student places dried leaves in a paper bag to recycle them.

OCTOBER – Responsibility

young students observe their science project together in the classroom.

NOVEMBER – Cooperation

one young student helps another young student tie their shoe in the classroom

DECEMBER – Compassion

young student shakes hands with a staff member while she receives her school lunch.

JANUARY – Good Judgment

young student pushes another young student in a toy car through the snow.

FEBRUARY – Integrity

person in a wheelchair throws their arms up in trumph behind a setting sun.

MARCH – Perseverance

Children recycling in front of a field of grass

APRIL – Citizenship

young student smiles on their bike as their mother pushes them forward.

MAY – Courage