Your adherence to the following guidelines is necessary to ensure the safe and orderly drop-off and pickup of students. Your cooperation is vital to making this a success.

Parking Lot Rules

  • Enter only at the East Gate / Exit only at the West Gate.
  • Drive slow! Be alert for children walking between cars.
  • If you are planning to leave your vehicle for any reason, park in a designated parking space.
  • Inside lane (closest to the school) is for drop-off/pickup only. Vehicles in this lane must:
  • Be occupied by the driver.
  • Allow vehicles in a designated parking space to exit.
  • Merge left into the outer lane to exit the parking lot.
  • The outside lane is for continuous traffic flow to the West Gate. No stopping.
  • Be sure children enter and exit the vehicle on the school side.
  • Follow posted signs and respect parking lot attendants.

** Do not drop off or pick up children on Telegraph Rd., Garner St., or any location other than the school parking lot.

Please click the image below to download our traffic brochure where you can view a map of the parking lot.