A group of students sitting behind a table with jerseys on display in front of them

Two seniors from Bradford Academy are headed to major colleges on full-ride scholarships!

TaMarion Johnson will be attending the University of Minnesota, a Big Ten school, on a full ride scholarship to play football and further his education. William Small will be attending Notre Dame College on a full ride scholarship to play football and earn his degree.

Bradford Academy will have more students signing with colleges, but they haven’t decided where they want to go yet.



TaMarion is headed to University of Minnesota on a full-ride scholarship where he plans to study sports management. He has already had The Big Ten Network cover a story about him and has had numerous articles written about him.

What does it mean to be a leader?

“It takes courage, confidence and commitment. You must lead by example and set a good example ALL the time.”

What sets Bradford apart from other schools?

“What sets Bradford Academy apart is the family feel, the ability to build relationships with the teachers and staff, and that all adults truly care for the kids.”

How did you achieve your success?

“What made me successful at Bradford Academy was humbling myself and staying focused. It was God and hard work that made my scholarship possible.”

What advice do you have for incoming BA freshmen?

“Don’t take anything for granted and use every opportunity you get.”

“I’m eager and excited for the next chapter!”



Will is headed to Notre Dame College in South Euclid, Ohio on a full-ride football scholarship. He was offered a spot at the University of Michigan but chose Notre Dame College.

What does it mean to be a leader?

“It takes courage and commitment. It’s not easy (having been through the struggle)… you take what you learn and use it to lead and teach as you lead.”

What sets Bradford apart from other schools?

“Bradford Academy is the best because you are able to build friendships and relationships, it has a family feel, and everyone truly cares about the students and their success.”

How did you achieve your success?

“When everyone told me no I took their “no” and turned it into “yes” because I was determined to make my dreams come true. It was God and hard work that made my scholarship possible.”

What advice do you have for incoming Bradford Academy freshmen? 

“Always use every second to your advantage. No matter what, push yourself even when you think no one else is trying.”

“I can’t wait to start the next chapter!”


Bradford Academy’s Coach Ki Gaut’s has coached the Bulldog Football Team for the past two seasons and became the school’s Athletic Director this year. Coach Ki lead the Bulldogs in their 5-4 season this past fall.

How did TaMarion and Will succeed at Bradford Academy?
“TaMarion succeeded by putting his focus on academics and allowing his natural athletic abilities to shine through. He put his attention on his grades, stayed away from outside influences and focused on the future and moving on to bigger and better things. William succeeded by understanding his athletic ability was a given and that his focus on academic was essential in taking him to the next level.”

What traits do you see in them?
“TaMarion is a true natural leader. He has power. He is a hard worker. He displays good character traits and is extremely focused. William is charismatic and a tremendous leader. He is motivational, determined and hardworking.”

What’s next for Bradford Academy athletics?
“More scholarships, more exposure, more students graduating with higher academic levels, more championships and more success.”

“I am tremendously proud of our student athletes at Bradford Academy. They understand the importance of focusing on academics as well as athletics, knowing that you can not have success in one without the other. Being that Bradford Academy has a relatively new athletics program, our student athletes are compelled and driven to build our program to be one of the top programs in the state. I also believe that the hard work of our administrative and counseling teams really push our students beyond the limits to assure they achieve academic success and are prepared for the future beyond Bradford Academy.”

This aritlce originally appeared at www.choiceschools.com.