Why Bradford Academy values professional development

On Feb. 20, educators at Bradford Academy participated in Professional Development Day. Students had the day off while our teachers and staff took the opportunity to attend various seminars and workshops. This is a continuation of the professional development sessions hosted two weeks before the 2016-2017 school year, and on Nov. 28, 2016. Bradford Academy will also host a two-week professional development boot camp before the 2017-2018 school year. This may beg the question: why does Bradford Academy encourage professional development for our educators?

Professional development is as important for the educational field as it is for any other career. When parents decide where to send their children to school, their hope is that their students get the best education possible. This responsibility lies on the teachers, who instill crucial lessons and leave a lifelong impact on the kids in their classrooms. At Bradford Academy, we are committed to bringing out the finest in our teachers so that our students can learn to the best of their ability.

Studies by the University of Chicago and the University of Michigan show that student success is directly tied to the quality of their teachers. Professional development allows educators to hone their skills, focus on the needs of their students, learn from their peers and gain support from their administrators. With the proper mentorship, teachers can adapt their teaching styles and methods, practice those skills in a constructive setting and increase their overall effectiveness. Professional development is not limited to conferences or lectures—it can be as simple as watching a colleague in action, seeking additional mentorship or taking time to advance their knowledge in mathematics, science, language arts, history and more.

Classrooms are constantly shifting with the times—curriculum, student learning styles and technology are evolving each day. Student populations are becoming more diverse and it is vital for teachers to keep up with these changes. Professional development equips teachers with the understanding they need to best serve their students.

At Bradford Academy, we recognize the importance of professional development, which is why our teachers participate in these programs so often. We are committed to providing first-rate education for your children, which happens when our teachers are continuously learning.