Bradford Academy Celebrates a Busy April

We’ve had a very busy April here at Bradford Academy, and as we approach the end of what has been an amazing school year, we are so proud of our students and staff for finishing strong. We are so excited to highlight a few of the happenings with us this month, so read below to see what the Bradford Bulldogs have been up to!


The first thing we wanted to highlight was our elementary technology teacher Mr. Adams. Mr. Adams recently brought a camera into the classroom and taught his students how to snap pictures. The kids had so much fun and it was so inspiring to see our young learners excited to learn something new!

Ms. Adams class learns to use cameras and lights in the classroom. A student poses in front of a back-drop during class.

Another fun event we were able to share with our students was a recent visit from The Exotic Zoo. The Exotic Zoo visited our preschoolers , and our young learners were so excited to get an up-close look at exotic animals like tortoises, alligators and snakes. We want to give another big thank you to the people at The Exotic Zoo for making this happen, and it was so much fun watching our youngest students go from afraid to excited and back.

               Bradford Academy Preschool student enjoy a visit from the Exotic Zoo.                Bradford Academy Preschoolers enjoy a visit from the local Exotic Zoo in the gymnasium.

The last thing we are excited to share with our community is that our 7th grade students made a trip to Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History. The students went on a scavenger hunt, asked plenty of questions and saw works from all over the world. They loved this experience and we look forward to keeping our students active in the classroom with amazing opportunities like this.

               Bradford Middle Schoolers visit the Charles Wright Museum of African American History on a field trip                Bradford Middle Schoolers visit the Charles Wright Museum of African American History on a field trip

We are a mere few months away from another graduating class at Bradford Academy, and it has been so amazing to send off a class of students who are prepared and global learners. To see more of what’s going on at our school, be sure to follow us on social media and keep up-to-date on our blog.

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