Introducing the 2016-2017 leadership team at Bradford Academy

Dear Bradford Academy Family:

We’re writing to inform you of administrative changes occurring here at Bradford Academy. It’s important to know these changes are being made to better serve our students and families, and the team will remain made up of familiar faces and past administrative team members.

Here’s the 2016-2017 Bradford Academy school leadership team:

Chris Matheson, Area Superintendent

Mr. Matheson joined our school family last year as the area superintendent. We are pleased to start a new school year under his leadership. He has spent many years in education and will continue to bring a fresh perspective and experience to keep moving our school in the right direction.

Cheryl Paull, High School Principal

After two years of serving as the principal of Bradford Academy, I will be transitioning to serving as the high school principal this year. This transition will ensure our high school students are improving test scores and overall studies to be prepared for college as well as ensure behavior meets our high standards we set for students at Bradford Academy.

Royce Kinniebrew, High School Vice Principal

Mr. Kinniebrew has been with Bradford Academy for five years. Last year, he served as the middle school dean of students. Prior to that, he was part of the Bradford Acadmy family as a teacher.

Oronde Kearney, Middle School Principal

Last year was Mr. Kearney’s first year as the middle school vice principal and he will remain in that position. Prior to that, he was a part of our family as a teacher as well as a middle school dean of students.

Gary Stevens, Middle School Vice Principal

Mr. Stevens will transition from the elementary school dean of students to the middle school vice principal. He has been at Bradford Academy for four years, and has served as a phycal education teacher and coach in the past.

Justin Hauser, Elementary School Principal

This will be Mr. Hauser’s eighth year at Bradford Academy, and he will transition from elementary school vice principal to elementary school principal. He was a middle school teacher prior to his role as the elementary school vice principal.

Sara Fields, Elementary School Vice Principal

Sara Fields will be transitioning from her role as a kindergarten teacher to the elementary vice principal. She has been part of the family at Bradford Academy for four years.

Tammy Mays-Winfrey, K-12 Response to Intervention (RTI) Multi-Tier System of Supports (MTSS) Specialist

Ms. Mays-Winfrey has been at Bradford Academy for 11 years. She will transition from high school dean of students to the RTI MTSS specialist. In the past, she has been involved with students as the high school vice principal as well as a guidance and advocacy coordinator/school social worker.

I want to thank Deb Hoerres for her service to Bradford Academy as she starts her next journey.

The team is eager to start the school year and would love to see you at the upcoming Bradford Academy Backyard Olympics at the school on Wednesday, Aug. 24 from 4-7 p.m.

Thank you for your support of Bradford Academy.


Bradford Academy Administration