Three images of students posing with the Bradford photo frame

National School Choice Week Recap

National School Choice Week is a time to raise awareness about the importance of opportunity in education. Last week, Bradford staff and students participated in a school-wide National School Choice Week celebration. Parents and staff received morning refreshments, students wrote thank you cards to the Board of Directors,  Three images of students posing with the Bradford photo frame students and staff took pictures with our National School Choice Week scarves and everyone shared why Bradford is their school of choice.
Below are several responses from our #WhyBradford Campaign:
“Why Bradford? Because Bradford is filled with dedicated, passionate people who lead with love”.
– Widad Luqman, K-8 Asst. Principal
“We moved back to MI from out of state and I knew that I wanted my kids to go to school in this area. When we looked at Bradford, we just felt comfortable”. 
– Christopher Hamilton, K & 2nd grade parent

“I have found Bradford to be a real family and a wonderful community.  The staff truly care about the students and go out of their way to help them. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t encounter an appreciative parent or student.  It is a great pleasure and privilege to support students in their immediate goal of attaining a high school diploma, while encouraging them to achieve their long-term dreams and ambitions!”
– Jody Godman, HS School Counselor

Three images of students posing with the Bradford photo frame“I chose Bradford because my support system is here”.
– Nakeisha Ewings, PTA President/1st grade parent

Bradford Academy is united under a mission that is truly carried out everyday! The community here is astounding and there are always people willing to support you in anything you need”.
– Marleen Williams, Pupil Accounting & Compliance/ McKinney-Vento Coordinator (K-12)

” I chose Bradford because the staff were welcoming.  I also liked the curriculum and their policies regarding keeping kids safe”.
-GiGi Ray, Kindergarten parent
Bradford feels like a family. We all work together for the good of our students, whether they are actually in our classroom or not”.
-Sharon Krasner, ELA Teacher (9th)/Senior Advisor

On behalf of the entire Choice Schools family, we would like thank all students, staff and parents for choosing Bradford as a place of learning and service.
Bradford Academy is our SCHOOL OF CHOICE!