Bradford students presenting new water fountains at the school

New Water Fountains and Refillable Stations

Your child’s health and safety is our number one priority and we want you to be the first to know that we test our school’s water on an annual basis using an independent certified professional.

Results from the last water quality test on October 23, 2017 showed that Bradford’s drinking water is safe at drinking fountains and faucets. The report indicated that Bradford Academy currently meets the Michigan DEQ and United States EPA’s Lead and Copper Standards.

In addition, you may notice new water fountains and refillable stations at the school as you return today. Bradford Academy was awarded a grant by the Oakland County School Drinking Water Station Program to replace the current water fountains with integrated units. The new water fountains and refillable stations encourage healthy drinking water habits while educating our students on eco-friendly methods to reducing environmental waste and reusing water containers.

We want to be proactive and retest the water before the scheduled annual quality test in October. We are working with our independent certified water testing professional to get it scheduled. The findings will be shared with families once we have them.

Your school leaders,
Gary Stevens, Tiffany Dudley, Joi Danforth, JP Harold, and Ileana Visea