Rocks and crystals on a table

Earth Science Experiences

On October 11, 2019, Mr. Richard Olson led 80 tenth-grade earth science students on a field trip to the 75th annual Greater Detroit Gem, Mineral and Fossil Show.

Rocks on table

This experience provided hands-on exposure to the world of rocks, minerals and fossils for students. It was a culminating event to show and provide examples of what they have been learning in earth science class. 

“This field trip allowed an opportunity for students to walk into something that they had never experienced. It was fun to see the excitement and wonder of students as they interacted with the different tables,” Olson said. “It can be overwhelming at first because there was so much going on, but it ended up being a great event for all.”

One of the leaders at a table, Paleo Joe Kchodl, said, “Bradford students were very polite, kind and thoughtful. They asked some very good questions about the fossils I had out.”Rocks on a table

Many students also had great things to say about the experience. 

  • “That was really cool.  I never knew rocks could be so colorful!”
  • “Did you see the T-Rex and the Woolly Rhino skull!  That was awesome!”
  • “I got myself some really nice jewelry that I can wear, and some that I can give away this Christmas.  My girlfriend is really going to love this!”

“I was very thankful that all of our students were able to go and experience this field trip. It was nice for them to get off campus and experience something new. I look forward to exposing them to other relatable earth science events and opportunities as we continue in our curriculum,” Olson said.